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Winning awards and saving lives

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This article was published on 5 June 2015

Matakina Technology has developed an award-winning suite of image software products designed to improve clinical decision making and aid in the early detection of breast cancer.

Matakina Technology was formed in 2009 by a group of imaging experts who recognised the value in using breast density statistics to detect early signs of breast cancer. Volpara Solutions is now being used in more than 30 countries, including by the European Union’s ASSURE research project, and the company has recently signed a multimillion dollar distribution agreement with medical giant GE Healthcare.

The company is continuing to grow its reach in international markets and is developing cloud-based versions of Volpara Solutions software.

Volpara Solutions was named the Hi-Tech Emerging Company of the Year at the 2015 NZ Hi-Tech Awards.

How Matakina Technology and Callaghan Innovation worked together

  • Callaghan Innovation’s Project Grants helped fund research and projects that led to the development of new software features and the cloud-based platform.
  • In a fiercely competitive job market, Callaghan Innovation’s Student R&D Careers and Fellowships Grants assisted Matakina to attract top talent for their R&D programme – and two have become permanent staff members.
  • Expertise provided by Callaghan Innovation’s teams enabled Matakina Technology to evaluate strategic opportunities in new markets such as breast cancer prevention.
  • Partnering with New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) helped Matakina expand their global reach.

Callaghan Innovation is playing an integral part in supporting the next stage of our company’s growth.

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Ralph Highnam, CEO - Matakina Technology